I am finally back!!!!

Hi Everyone,

I am so sorry that I haven’t been in touch.

I think I may have to delegate blog updating to some eager students who love to write. I bet if I offered it to be done on our new Microsoft surface tablets you would be getting updates constantly!


The students are really enjoying using the surface tablets to research different animal habitats. Next week you will see their beautiful animal creations and learn how this new animal adapts to one the the habitats thay have just researched.

Thank you for all the material donations. I can’t wait to see how their creativity evolves through this process.

On a sad note, we were sad to say goodbye to our friend Sam. Yesterday we enjoyed a special snack, and he left with a scrapbook of many fun memories.

Now we are dreading saying goodbye to our good friend, Meo. We will be having a goodbye bash this Friday for Meo. Hopefully we’ll send him off in a fun way!!!!!

I look forward to seeing you next week.

Stay dry,

Mrs. H0rn



Few New Things

Hi All,

We have a few new things happening in our classroom. Starting tomorrow we are going to be filling out”fake report cards”. We will be rating our behavior and work habits.  Each day we hope to write a glow and grow.  At the end of the week, we will bring these papers home to review with you.  You will need to sign the paper, and we will bring it back on Monday. We hope this will develop great behavior as well as strong work habits for 4th and 5th grade.

In math, we have been introduced to the properties of multiplication. You can ask us what commutative, associative and distributive mean next week and we will be a pro!

Stay warm,

Your great children

Welcome To Our Class Blog!

Hello Families,

Mrs. Glidden has helped us develop a class blog.  We hope to update you on different things that are happening in our class. For instance, today we are working on main idea and detail. We read an article about Cheetahs and found the main idea and key details that relate to the main idea.

Great news! We are in second place for the Sumdog contest with different schools.

We have a new friend in our class! Her name is Karen. She is a wonderful new addition.

Stay tune for more information.

Your lovely children